loosers,wankers,idiots,hair product boy
a rockape is a ezy plus shop assistant that has short hair,uses hair product and used to tie there hair back into a ponytail
by woofa May 19, 2006
Derogatory name for Indonesians and Philippinos as well as any dark-skinned person. Implied that the person is less than human.
Also a stupid aggressive black person (moron).
Can't trust the rock apes (from Australian viewpoint).
They are nothing but rock apes.
We'll be invaded by those rock apes sooner or later.
The Indonesian armed forces consist of nasty little rock apes.
by shonny March 09, 2007
Mullet wearing shop assistants, generaly ezy plus stores.
That mullet wearing shop assistant is a rockape
by Boofa May 04, 2006
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