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A form of hard earth, larger than a stone or pebble but not quite as large as a boulder. Usually gray.

Do you really need to look this up?
He threw that rock in his face. That guy's in the hospital now.
by That ballin' kid January 07, 2007
1. A stone, smaller than a boulder, larger than a pebble, and is comprised of an amalgam of minerals and other organic material formulated deep within the earth's core as an initial liquid, which then exposed on the planet's surface to water, air or other cooler environments, solidifies and thus becomes a ROCK.

2. A unique combination of black soul, jazz and classical guitar that can trace genesis to the late 1940s and early 1950s, which has evolved through every subsequent decade. Modern rock is comprised of a common drum setup, a lead guitar (for harmony, riffs and solos), a rhythm guitar (for treble clef melody), and an electric bass guitar (for bass clef melody and harmonization).
-NOTE A: Often misunderstood and underestimated, rock music is unique in culture and sophistication, often falling victim to stereotypes such as "satanic", "head-banger garbage", "a bunch of screaming people throwing guitars around".
-NOTE B: Because of this misunderstanding, certain media corporations have erroniously determined rock to be a dead venue, and have moved on to another form of fad music genre that will surely fail (see Mega 101).
1. Damn, I stubbed my toe on that rock.

2. Have you heard that new rock song by Pantera?
by snyper March 18, 2005
in poker, a rock is a player who plays extremely tightly, and only raises with the best of hands. although seen as better than a fish, a rock is not very highly respected in the poker community because he is too straightforward in his play.
"i just lost my bankroll to that new guy... he had aces full over sevens..."
"man, why would you call his raise? he hasn't made a play all day, he's a clear rock"
by leftygrove July 17, 2008
Crack Rock, Rock of Cocaine
"aye yo man i got that rock you lookin for"

"is that shit shake or is it rock"
by vtex June 15, 2008
1. A type of Music
2. A kind of complement.
3. A stone, Something to throw at people.
4. A type of sugary sweet in a stick shape, generally found at the seaside.
5. Crack cocaine
6. Slang word for Basket ball.
1. *Listening to music* "Rock on duudde!"
2. "You rock my socks!"
3. "Hey! Stop throwing rocks at me!"
4. Katy was sucking her stick of rock on the beach.
5. *inhale* that's some good rock man...
6. I"mma go shoot some hoops with that rock."
by The Annonymus Penguin March 09, 2008
a fun thing to throw at people, also the genre of music that kicks the most ass.
Dude 1: "She threw a rock at me man."
Dude 2: "Awesome."
by DTsoFRESH December 05, 2006
1.)(noun) broad range of music from blues rock of the 50s to today's punk rock
2.)(verb) to preform with greatness or to be great
3.)(verb) to use or wear
1.)Rock is awsome. Rap sucks.
2.)This concert is going to rock.
3.)He knows how to rock that hat.
by Jsh Prlmn June 05, 2005