A methed of using strengh, noise, and Rythm to create or destroy evil
-Wow man i really needed youre power to ROCK yesterday or else that crowd wouldve killed me
-(Dio)no problem bro some people have to be born with it
by Collin Foster January 03, 2008
replace with virtually ANY verb or adjective.
dude, can you ROCK me 20 bucks? (verb)

man, that chick is hella fly. she needs to ROCK my jock. (verb)


that movie kicked ass. fuckin' ROCK. (adj.)

that is the most ROCK ass vehicle i have ever seen! (adj.)

man, that jager ROCKED my ass last night. i am hungover.

by kung fu robot May 17, 2007
A form of hard earth, larger than a stone or pebble but not quite as large as a boulder. Usually gray.

Do you really need to look this up?
He threw that rock in his face. That guy's in the hospital now.
by That ballin' kid January 07, 2007
A person who is seemingly asexual - just like a rock.

A term found in The Shoebox Project.

'jesus bloody f**k moony, i thought you were rocks!'
'rocks have urges too sometimes.'
- The Shoebox Project
by idobelieveincommas July 23, 2010
in poker, a rock is a player who plays extremely tightly, and only raises with the best of hands. although seen as better than a fish, a rock is not very highly respected in the poker community because he is too straightforward in his play.
"i just lost my bankroll to that new guy... he had aces full over sevens..."
"man, why would you call his raise? he hasn't made a play all day, he's a clear rock"
by leftygrove July 17, 2008
Crack Rock, Rock of Cocaine
"aye yo man i got that rock you lookin for"

"is that shit shake or is it rock"
by vtex June 15, 2008
To absolutely destroy something, usually virtually. To Pwn
Me "I absolutely rocked that kid with my P90"
Teammate "Yeah he was dead before he knew what was happening"
by Sir McThuggins December 03, 2007
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