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Slang term for a basketball.
Ramon: Yo turtle pass me da rock!
Turtle: Chill yo, I'm takin it to the hole
by SystemF December 20, 2006
28 22
A bit of crack-cocaine.
Crackheads bomb rocks.
by datawar March 04, 2005
19 13
A person who is seemingly asexual - just like a rock.

A term found in The Shoebox Project.

'jesus bloody f**k moony, i thought you were rocks!'
'rocks have urges too sometimes.'
- The Shoebox Project
by idobelieveincommas July 23, 2010
5 0
a basketball; ball used in a sport that is passed with your hands
Willay, pass me the rock
by djaskldj April 07, 2009
6 1
Greatest form of music there ever was and ever will be. Despite the extremely pathetic attempt at it, some bands today are trying to keep it relatively alive, which I respect.
Fall Out Boy's "rock" may suck but at least they know what good music is. (I think)
by Smile in the mirror May 18, 2008
10 5
A methed of using strengh, noise, and Rythm to create or destroy evil
-Wow man i really needed youre power to ROCK yesterday or else that crowd wouldve killed me
-(Dio)no problem bro some people have to be born with it
by Collin Foster January 03, 2008
8 3
replace with virtually ANY verb or adjective.
dude, can you ROCK me 20 bucks? (verb)

man, that chick is hella fly. she needs to ROCK my jock. (verb)


that movie kicked ass. fuckin' ROCK. (adj.)

that is the most ROCK ass vehicle i have ever seen! (adj.)

man, that jager ROCKED my ass last night. i am hungover.

by kung fu robot May 17, 2007
11 6