gay ass music that just involves screaming and loud noises
rock sucks ass and should just die
by SIMON SEZ April 13, 2005
The prefered music of those with no rythem.
"I can't understand this rap stuff! Lets listen to some Zeplin!"
by MC Mullet March 22, 2005
1) A stone; pebble
2) What some might call "music", yelling to music and jumping up and down, so no one can hear anything you are saying
by Mephi June 11, 2003
the worst fucking music in the world! some stupid, self-pitying, white teen bitches about how "sucky" their life is into a mic while some fag slams on drums and another violently strums a distorted electric guitar ( my ass makes similar sounds to it). only thick people will listen to this garbage and call themselves hardcore. this music promotes depression ( i was depressed once, and listening to rock made me want to kill myself literally, then i listened to rap and it saved me )

only narrow minded fools say "rap is crap" well... ROCK SUCKS COCK!!!
picture this: me and a group of people are standing in a row. we all make different farts at different times. it will sound similar to rock music
by dsssgfhdgsfhghgfdljd;hg August 27, 2005

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