something that kaitz loves
oh man i love rocks.
hey man got any rocks?
by the bean December 15, 2004
a little chillen asian boy. not short but not too tall. an asian boy who has toilet paper in front of his computer and yes, a person who can see with his eyes so don't ask. NHS and actually pretty smart, but sometimes it might not seem like it. frikkkin loves biking and hanging out with cool people because it's the man. it's the shiz. it's the ghost. it's the hombre. eats a lot and rarely ever gets mad even if you're Kim Jong Il or Abu Al-Zarqawi and you're gonna nuke the mother out of us. my brohams are the coolest people. music is good. pretty friendly and meeting new people is cool so talk to me on AIM - konakahuna17 or rockmanhimself
Rock is one hot mamma
by Rock March 19, 2005
A genre of music stolen from blacks by whites. Ranges from the great, (The Beatles, Stones, Zepplin) to the horrid such as metal (guttural moans and mindless powerchords), emo (whiny bitch music), and punk (gotta love feedback and grossly detuned guitars!) Don't even get me started on shit that was made within the last ten years! (Pop Punk, Nu-metal, rap-metal, etc.) All-in-all, a decent genre that lost a lot after the 70's
(good)Rock is dead...Long live rock
by jimmyjohnbillybobjones November 21, 2004
an individual classified as trailer park, inbred, white trash OR any white trash person (ya know, toothless or in possession of some teeth, usu. stained, greasy hair, sporting mullets, wearing Marlboro or WWF/Nascar T-Shirts or wife beaters, etc.
Look at that beer-sippin', finger-flippin' piece of trailer park trash...what a rock!!!
by weave March 20, 2003
Rock aka steve is basically the coolest kid around. He's so cool the hes at the top of the kkk (kool kid klan) along with Labrite and Mitch. The kkk is gettin powerful so i suggest you join soon while we'll still accepting people. You have to do somethin totally cool though like steal a couple of yachts for each of us. Ladies can get in too. All they have to do is a small favor with a big thing.
Kid: yo i got you this yacht for you.
Rock: what the fuck are you talkin you fuckin piece of shit. this is only a 50 ft boat. To be one of my yachts its gotta be atleast 60 ft. But since you fucked up you need to get me two more atleast 70 ft long. You can give this one to Labrite i guess.
Kid: aight.
Rock: damn fuckin straight its aight
by Steve March 10, 2005
Rock is a type of music that is very general. People who dont like rock probably only listen to classical (good for them) or rap/R&B (stupid). Many things in the punk, emo, goth, alternative, metal, indie genres are rock. There are bad rock bands and there are bands that scream but this is not at all representative of most rock. Rock is not always about bad things in life but can be upbeat. Rock sometimes contains sexual language but never as often as rap. People who like only rap need to realize it is good for dancing but how talented is someone talking over a beat. And I ask you, is it better to complain about your life when it is really good (emo, I dont like)or is it better to sing about how rich you are (rap, I dont like)? People who rock are definitely not idiots and are smarter than those rappers who never got a full education and who are rich but still shoot at each other. (I hate Mike Jones). They also do drugs. As for the pop-pers they are just dumba$$es. Most rockers are talented but they need a little more to be great.

Rock music usually has several guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, possibly a keybordist and a vocalist (who might play an instrument).

Rock is is being taken over quickly by rap. In my city, Dallas area, there is one "alternative" station that mostly plays crappy nu-metal. There are a bjillion rap stations. People get hooked on the generic beats and simple, sexual lyrics and cannot go back. To save rock by a Muse, Spoon, Interpol album!!! These albums will not get you labeled (ok possible a little depressed) and can help SAVE ROCK!
Muse - They have created amazing sounds with just 3 people (and sometimes a fourth for certain songs). Muse rocks but they do not scream. They are not dumbasses. They are talented. They get their own genre

Nu-metal - Korn (I dislike nu-metal, it is a rap-rock combo)

Metal - DragonForce (metal is OK but there is often a lot of screaming)

Punk-pop - Green Day (punk music has been destroyed)

Punk - The Offspring? The Sex Pistols (punk music is mostly dead but it is not bad)

Emo - Jimmy Eat World or Fall Out Boy (emo used to be alright, but has degenerated into neo-emo, such as Panic! At The Disco)

Pop-rock - OK Go (this genre can be alright but is filled with many pretenders)

Alternative Rock - Spoon (the best genre in my opinion, wont get you labeled {possibly by idiots} either)

Hard Rock - Alter Bridge (not too bad, can be some screaming)

Goth - *dont know any goths* (this kinda creeps me out but not too bad)

Industrial - Marilyn Manson (this genre is a little heavy for me cant say its horrible though)

Brit-pop - The Kaiser Chiefs *might be considered alternative or pop/rock* (I like a lot of Brit-pop but it can get annoying)

Indie - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (ehh ... not that great and I dont like the vocals of many indie bands)

Experimental - Radiohead (im not in love with them but they are good)

*all bands listed are still creating music or stopped recentely, except maybe for the sex pistols*
by dwit August 17, 2006
Slang for diamonds or bling bling . . . Also music that has guys screaming their lungs off . .
Yo that rock song sucked , but that chick had a big rock on her hand !
by Some nigga February 19, 2003

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