1. ice cubes

2. the tesicals (see also rock, stones, on the rocks)

That punk got me right in the rocks.
by Light Joker October 23, 2005
Forget it guys, rock is dead...
Rock is dead. Sorry Elvis.
by Zee Dogg June 09, 2007
STEVE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!or some other rocks that he doenst wanna be associated with! whatever....he loves to have butt sex!
butt sex with hott bitches
by rockie March 16, 2005
Slang in Halo 2 for the rocket launcher.
"He's going for rocks."

"Rocks are down over on Froman."
by El Charlito May 29, 2005
I think Avril is very very very good... She writes her own music, plays guitar, piano and drums and is 100% awesome! ROCK ON AVRIL!
Avril Rocks! Keep up the good work!
by Nicky February 27, 2005
In intercourse when passion is released in an orgasm, particularly in females.
Takeshia got her rocks real quick when Bam drilled her with his thirteen inch rod.
by Richard Black February 27, 2005

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