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1.For a woman to climax, after sexual stimulation.
Past: Cyndi rocked while receiving really good oral stimulation from Joe.
by Joe Tamulonis October 15, 2003
7 13
To add a lil more to sometin, to make it better than it was.
Man, at the party I'm gonna rock those new timbs
by unknown July 30, 2003
2 8
Classic Aerosmith album featuring such great songs as "Back in the Saddle", "Last Child", "Rats in the Cellar", and "Sick as a Dog".
Dude #1: Hey man, what's your favorite Aerosmith album?

Dude #2: Gotta be "Rocks". By far their best.
by StormXor September 22, 2006
24 31
To be cool with someone.
As in: Mayne we don't rock with her no more,she tryna break jaz and her man up.

To inflict much pain.
As in: I'm bout to straight rock his jaw.

1. Mayne, we don't rock with Shar no more. She tryna break Jaz and her man up.

2. See ol boy ova dere. Deebo and his boys bout to go ova dere and stright rock him.
2 9
1.a hard stone
2.a big dimwit that is really stupid and doesn't think.
3.a person who thinks they are cool and acts hard all the time
Bob: Hey, I got a F- in P.E.
Randy: Well, your a rock
by Potaetoes Ma March 15, 2006
6 13
Another thing that white people stole from us negroes.
Dammit they white people stole our music, our slang, and our fashion sense. Oh well, we still got bigger dicks
by Im just playin man March 22, 2005
39 46
To wear an article of clothing or an accessorie
Look at those sand niggers over there rockin those turbins
by G-sus March 11, 2004
5 12