Someone that is as cool and funny as Helen Aldaco.
You rock!!
You totally rock!!
by Si October 08, 2004
A type of music that is very inspirational. It is very loud (sometimes) and people like punks, goths, grungers, and other alternatives (and people who dont believe in labels) enjoy moshing to it. There are many types like alternative, emo, goth, punk, metal, and more, but nowadays most of the music we hear is either emo, pop-rock, or pop-punk. It was most popular from the 70's through 1994, or the year rock died (Kurt Cobain's death). In a rock band, there is a vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer, and sometimes a keyboardist. Sometimes the singer also plays an instrument, which is usually guitar, but can be the drummer or bassist. Most of the stuff on MTV is poprock, and it is not the true definition of rock.
Dashboard Confessional-Emo
Marilyn Manson-Goth
Sex Pistols-Punk
Guns n' roses-Metal
Poprock-Creed (no they are not grunge)
PopPunk-Green Day
by Ka September 19, 2004
N. derivative of the verb form 'to rock' which means to be really wicked cool. This meaning is usually demonstrated by raising a balled fist (palm down) to about shoulder height and saying, 'Rock.' This can be applied to any person, place, situation, etc. in which satisfaction is to be expressed.
<1>Dude, Did you just get a free t-shirt!
<2> Yup.
<1> Rock. (gestures)
by PythonSpam October 23, 2003
the act of using something, or someone.
Im gonna rock that bitch hardcore.
Rock me a brew.
by Fitz April 09, 2003
rock is that music that lets u headbang and lets u let ur emotions run wild..rock is the music that is about being stupid 4 fun and not because u wanna look cool ..the music that is loud and awesome ..not like hip hop..and that shit..
awesome-loud-noise-that-kicks-ass=thats rock man thats rock
by the chinaman July 05, 2006
Someone who is completely worthless, unskilled, uneducated, incapable, or clueless.
"You don't wanna work with that fool, he ain't got your back. He's a f----n' rock.
by Kirk Davenport May 05, 2006
Offern used to widely these days people say "the beatles" were rock they were good in there time but they werent rock, rock and roll is elvis type music but Rock was created in the 70s by real rock bands like AC/DC and KISS not to many real rock bands these days mostly punk and emo nad heavy metal theres more mordern rock but not like the real stuff
nobody can rock like acadac
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