A stone that is rubbed for days at a time because you cannot get something or someone off of your mind.
I've been rubbing on this rock since Friday, thinking about you.
by mwt June 27, 2005
A verb meaning "to wear"
Yo, quit rockin' my shit and get your own style.
by John November 27, 2003
*Rock is.........a severe mental condition which 85% of teenagers suffer from.

Symptoms are:

-Rebelling against grandparents
-Throwing hissyfits if you don't get your way, always
-Crying yourself to sleep ...or at least claiming you do
-Giving up at life (e.g., suicidal thoughts)
-Claiming that you are a grammar nazi but in reality you can't spell for shit
-Complaining of the area you reside in, and the people you reside with (e.g., grandpa who gives up his bed for your friend, mother who likes to fall asleep on the sofa while watching Evanescence mvs, etc.)
"My life sucks..."
"My grandfather took the bed.."
"..He's an old man, he deserves it."
"You're being a rock."
.. What?
*hand on temple*

"Hey guys, tomarrow we're gonna go to streat robbings!"
"Stop being such a rock."

"This is my only Halloween on a Friday......"
"My life sucks"
"Will you stop being a fucking rockle goddamn"

by ....D March 04, 2009
refer to a type of sweets that in using it's full name is call "Pop Rocks"
could'ja get me some rocks for tomorrow?
by emilee a.l. May 21, 2008
A girl that's too ugly to be seen in public with. Also see Basketball hoop and Park Bench
Random Person:"What happened at that party?"
Yourself: "There was only guys and a bunch of rocks there so I left."
by Aries of STARS May 09, 2007
Someone that is as cool and funny as Helen Aldaco.
You rock!!
You totally rock!!
by Si October 08, 2004
A type of music that is very inspirational. It is very loud (sometimes) and people like punks, goths, grungers, and other alternatives (and people who dont believe in labels) enjoy moshing to it. There are many types like alternative, emo, goth, punk, metal, and more, but nowadays most of the music we hear is either emo, pop-rock, or pop-punk. It was most popular from the 70's through 1994, or the year rock died (Kurt Cobain's death). In a rock band, there is a vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer, and sometimes a keyboardist. Sometimes the singer also plays an instrument, which is usually guitar, but can be the drummer or bassist. Most of the stuff on MTV is poprock, and it is not the true definition of rock.
Dashboard Confessional-Emo
Marilyn Manson-Goth
Sex Pistols-Punk
Guns n' roses-Metal
Poprock-Creed (no they are not grunge)
PopPunk-Green Day
by Ka September 19, 2004

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