Rock always has a guitar, a bass, drums, and kick ass deep lyrics. other instruments, including the piano, violin, and flute may be added.

In the 60's and 70's, rock was starting to form different genres there was the un-nameable genre from the likes of queen/led zepplin/pink floyd, the beatles, and jimmy hendrix.

In the 80's, metal. these genres were typically louder and darker, very fast paced and hard. Now days, this is the only thing non-rock fans think of when they think of rock and make fun of it. Metallica is a very popular band from this time.

In the 90's Rock broke into many more genres, including punk, emo, alternative, industrial, and many more. Many older rock fans who can't get their heads out of their asses feel this is where rock went bad. Rock never went bad; the mainstream media made anything remotely loud that included instruments be called rock and played it on the radio making it the flagship for rock, which it isn't. Nirvana Nickleback became the "radio rock" and sucks.

In present times, there are many uneducated posers who see rock as "stupid", "loud", and" too much screaming" which is only screamo rock. Those people listen to shitty rap music and don't know what they're talking about. Many older fans of rock think rock nowadays is bad, which isn't the case. It's different and it's changed, but it's not bad. If rock didn't change, we'd be listening to the same thing forever and rock would disappear.
Rock fan's friend: hey man, i wanted to get into rock because i realized how stupid rap is. any suggestions?

Rock fan:Sure! good for you!
here's my list, buddy:
System of a down
billy talent
Motion city soundtrack
the beatles
led zepplin
pink floyd
avenged sevenfold
and the list goes on.....
by eddieslice March 06, 2010
Alternate word for 'toilet.' Can also be adapted, ie 'toiletry bag' would be a 'rocketry bag.'
'I'll just quickly go the the rock before we go' or 'I need to buy some rock cleaner.'
by Shaboobie February 02, 2010
see hard guy - a man who wears tight clothes and takes pictures with his shirt off.
-Hey! Timmy! Come over here for a second.
-Nahhh duude im benchin' lata
by STRAIT UP MERK January 27, 2009
What it says after you submit 700 decisions on Urban Dictionary.
You've made 700 decisions so far. Rock.
by JeffFox August 29, 2008
The slang used to represent the jean brand, Rock and Rupublic.
"Nice rocks man."
"Ya I just picked up these rocks Friday."
by Pman1121 April 18, 2008
another way of talking about a blackperson when there around with out them knowing.
Mexican construction worker "that damn rocks so lazy"
by Billy S Ramon G July 26, 2006
verb. to wear, to sport, to have
Yo why you gotta be rockin my gear?

(Hey look we're wearing the same shirt)
by kub1 March 05, 2006

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