1. A diamond. 2. The gemstone of a particular piece of ornamental jewelry.
Hey girl, look at the rock my boyfriend got me! I told y'all that nigga was paid!!! HOLLA!!!
by MalcolmMc February 25, 2006
A large diamond or other "precious" gem.
1.The diamond is just another worthless rock - cut and polished to fool comsumers and appear valuable.

2.Maybe someday the diamond will just be another fad so people will quit wasting their hard earned money on a rock that truely has no value.

3.Look at this rock my man gave me for our anniversary.

4.Many people sadly define their relationship with their significant-other based on how big the rock is.
by Bomni February 09, 2005
1. The best style of music ever invented; hardcore music.
2. Something that is usually found on the ground, usually gray but can be any color, and can also be any size.
3. Something than is awesome but in a verb way.
1. Listen to rock if you want to see awesome.
2. I threw the rock at my neighboors' dog, OUCH did it hurt!
3. It rocks!
by dref said right June 10, 2004
short for "rock on"; an excited stament made after a vicotry.
"I was first in line at the hanson reunion concert"
by rudegirl March 30, 2004
Rocks are crack-cocaine.
NOT Crystal Methamphetamine (ice) that sum silly punk said waz rock.
I be slangin' rocks, day in day out.
by Diego October 02, 2003
fat diamonds
Big L: A razerblade is an ox fat diamonds is rocks

by Mike July 19, 2003
When a person is extremely unintelligent that their common sense and/or intelligence matches that of a rock
Joe: I don't understand why i cant put tin foil in a microwave.
Mark: Joe, you're rocks.
by Markie Fresh August 16, 2011

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