To Wear or sport an outfit our garmet. To tear the roof off when a band, or Hip Hop crew performs.
"yo son was rocking the blue and grey, Beef N Brocoli timbs." Or "The Wu rock the house last night."
by olskoolrule May 25, 2004
a term for a basketball

like "yo nigga toss me the rock"
by Brett August 20, 2003
A football (Slang)
When describing how the Arkansas Razorbacks' quarterback likes to throw the football to different receivers he said "likes to throw the rock all over the yard."

The fan screamed "Give me the rock, Jets!" imploring his defense to cause and recover a turnover.
by Random Kartok September 18, 2010
Throwing a shut out in sports
The Trojans won 20-Rock
by Dr. Zuess November 07, 2009
used to describe the ball in sports.
He put the rock in the whole.

She kicked the rock into the net!
by lugerholder June 02, 2009
The genre of music that is categorized by electric guitars, drawbar organs, drums, synthesizers, and just about every instrument on earth. It's not just Satanism that can be associated with rock, things that one may sing about whilst playing said music, can be politics, women, partying, or nothing. Just instrumental. very broad range of topics to sing about, and rock is so broad that it is difficult to differ some music from pop. It achieved perfection in 1960, and this peak of perfection continued until about '81-'83, but then every douche picked up a guitar and eventually a mass of douches was born enjoying that music. Sadly, there are only a few of us true rockers left, whom actually appreciate good rock music, such as pink floyd, van halen, led zeppelin, Iron Maiden, alice cooper, ect. Rock music had a significant decline in quality in the '80s, and was mega raped in the nineties. while there are the few good bands still out there, such as pink floyd until it was declared defunct in '94, AC/DC with their new album in '08, however rock as we used to know it, is completely boned. Sure ozzfest will have the original lineup of black sabbath, but we shall never go back to the good old days. Now, there are a mass of emos, assholes, buttfuckers, sell-outs, and losers playing the awesome instrument. The only way we will go back to the good old days is by force. If you grew up in the 70's , or just like that kind of music, unite! Rock is also misspelled RAWK used by said rawkers, who have a guitar which they do not know how to play, wear pink, think rainbows are gay (Ritchies' Rainbow! What the fuck happened to rainbows being kick-ass? They where on dark side of the moon for christ's sake!) own a disco ball, and have only listened to a few good songs. Just see the second image. Pretty much the epitome of a RAWKER. Annoying as hell, and listens to plain white t's, hawthorne heights, and a bunch of that shit.
Pink Floyd=good rock
Grand Funk=Good Rock
AC/DC= good rock
green day= shit
hawthorne heights= emo shit
nirvana= bad shit
by Jaketherockman December 02, 2007
1. A diamond. 2. The gemstone of a particular piece of ornamental jewelry.
Hey girl, look at the rock my boyfriend got me! I told y'all that nigga was paid!!! HOLLA!!!
by MalcolmMc February 25, 2006

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