1.To wear. 2. used to describe crack, or even cocaine 3. a wrestler. 4. music genre
"Im rockin a white shirt and white kicks."
by JaayDub April 25, 2007
to wear or display in a showy manner
The way you rock high tops is with the tongues out.
by mesharoni June 02, 2005
A nickname for a trustworthy individual that kicks ass.
Nice work rock (Derbes).
by Nick Derb December 06, 2013
Verb. Awesome (You rock, he rocks, we rock)
Noun. Naturally ocurring aggregate of one or more minerals/Music genre/Jewellery/Slang term for Crack Cocaine.
Person. Ring name of Dwyane Johnson, professional wrestler and actor/Stage name of Jamal Bush, American rapper.
"Dude, this guy rocks"
"Hey! That rock looks interesting/I just went to a rock concert yesterday/I bought my girlfriend a rock for his necklace/Last sunday i saw some guys smoking some rock"
"Dude, the rock just kicked so much ass on Wrestlemania/Have you heard the new album Rock just did?"
by YoloSwagJesus420 September 07, 2013
Being dumb, stupid, mildly retarded.
"Lets go do nothing." "Wow, you're a rock."
by PeeWee29 August 18, 2009
The best dog anyone could ever ask for
Rock is always there man
by skateboardrider1993 March 02, 2009
Verb. to wear something. usually the latest fashion, or a unique style of clothing,accesorries, etc
I like to rock baggy jeans and a new era baseball hat.
She`s always rocking the latest gear.
by jakesteezy February 19, 2008

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