something to throw at people.
imma throw that rock at you.
by tan-latina:) February 26, 2010
streetball term for basketball
The way Joe Hammond handled that rock it made the whole of rucker stand still
by Chedda Cheese June 15, 2004
to punch in the head
will dropped my pop tarts so i rocked him in the face
by B February 01, 2004
1) Popular music from the late twentieth century. From the term "Rock and Roll" which is an old blues eupemism for sexual intercourse.
2) Crack. A mixture of baking soda and cocaine.
3) Hard formations of the earth's surface.
4) The most electrifying performer in "Sports Entertainment" today.
Rock used to rock but now all got to do to rock is to sell some rocks.
Y'all need get yo-self some baking soda and blow and hustle some rocks.
What did you get Charlie Brown? "I got a rock."
"Know your role and shut your mouth. Don't make me layeth the smackdown on your candy ass. If ya smellllll!..."
by Wigga May 13, 2003
an undoubtedly great genre of music that's art and reputation is unfortunately ruined by it's fanbase which consists mostly of biased,contradictory,close-minded and delusional idiots that think they know about music and talent when really they wouldn't know it if it hit them in face, curb stomped them and threw them against the wall (especially metalheads)
Rock stan: rock music is better than everything else because they actually use instruments instead of a computer
Average person: so does classical,blues,country,etc. and turntablism,sequencing, and synthesizing music is just as hard if not harder
Rock stan: that music is boring and besides any idiot can make music on a computer
by TJ December 23, 2013
Someone who has become so sedentary with their lifestyle, they have transformed into a lesser being.
"Hey dude get off your video game, stop being a rock".
by soulbound March 01, 2011
Crack or a basketball
yo pass that rock
by YouAlreadyNo April 29, 2009
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