a fun thing to throw at people, also the genre of music that kicks the most ass.
Dude 1: "She threw a rock at me man."
Dude 2: "Awesome."
by DTsoFRESH December 05, 2006
Just about the most general term for music there ever will be.

In terms of music, it is used by kids who are talking to kids with no taste in music/parents, and will not know of any of the bands you're talking about, for example:

Lamer Or Parent: What kind of music do you listen to?
Cool Kid: *sigh*...rock. We'll leave it at that.

Also used in the popular game "Rock, Paper, Scissors", the game that can be used to decide anything, at anytime. (Rock beats scissors, just so you know.)

Also used as a supstitute for "cool" sometimes, but not really.
There are many styles of Rock music.


That rocks!
by Guy With A Cool Face July 26, 2005
1.)(noun) broad range of music from blues rock of the 50s to today's punk rock
2.)(verb) to preform with greatness or to be great
3.)(verb) to use or wear
1.)Rock is awsome. Rap sucks.
2.)This concert is going to rock.
3.)He knows how to rock that hat.
by Jsh Prlmn June 05, 2005
A type of music originating in the American south by African Americans. It was first known as "rhythm and blues" which has now come to mean a completely different type of music. Its primary influence was blues, until the 1950s when white people started playing rock and combined it with country and folk. Rock music is characterized by the use of instruments such as guitars and bass. It was first made popular by black artists like Chuck Berry, then made more mainstream by Elvis. It re-emerged after a brief halt with the "British Invasion" in the early '60s led by the Beatles. British bands continued to dominate the genre with bands like the Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, and many others. It reached its height between 1967 and 77 before falling into different categories.
Today there are hundreds of different types of rock music including classic, metal, punk, southern, rockabilly, ska, grunge, emo, pop-rock, folk-rock, psychedelic and prog.
Classic Rock: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix
Metal: AC DC, Black Sabbath, Mettalica
Prog: Pink Floyd, Rush, Jethro Tull
by nwnvwEKF September 09, 2012
The perfect thing to give out on Halloween.
I got a candy bar!
I got some gum!
I got a rock...

Rocks- give em to all the little kids!
by MaximumOverdrive November 02, 2008
1. short for "rock n roll" when it's used as a response to something that was awesome / sweet.
2. a response akin to "let's go!"
Dude 1: hey man i just got us hooked up with backstage passes to the show
Dude 2: rock

Dude 1: all set and ready to go!
Dude 2: let's rock
by khaki pants September 11, 2015
Another word for abs.
he has some hard rocks.

look she has 6 rocks on that body!
by blueyedblonde April 27, 2010

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