The process of turning a powder into a solid rock-like state.

Most commonly used to describe the transformation of Cocaine into Crack.
Hey Johnny!
You wanna go rock up this 8-ball I just bought?!
by Goth_pky October 04, 2007
Top Definition
Actually means to arrive without any prior planning, or specific materials.
1. Do I need to make an appointment? Nah, just rock up.

2. Is there a dress code for Joe's party? Not sure, I'm just gonna rock up.

3. If I'm going to the USA, can I just rock up or do i need a visa?
by bjps October 08, 2007
To rock up is to arrive.
1) what time should i rock up?

2) i rocked up and everyone was already going crazy

3) so who rocked up to your party?
by Randal Leadbelcher October 04, 2007
A term Used to say Turn up or turned up
Tom: "What time did you Rock Up?"

Jambo: "I rocked up at about 7pm with a couple of those kooks we met in that bar"
by Tommy rocks up June 07, 2007
To re-up, cook up, aquire, or possibly sell some crack-cocaine.
"Out of supply, gotta go rock up"
"My crack spot stay rocked up"
by Mark Robertson October 06, 2007
to turn cocaine into it's smokeable form called crack or rock.
"yo, rock up that coke so we can hit these licks and make some money."
"fa sho, ima cook it up right now, homie."
by nigganomics October 02, 2007
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