awesome song by Aaliyah Haughton. Her music video was shot in the Bahamas where she passed away.
i am listening to Rock the Boat by Aaliyah.
by essjstunnah August 15, 2008
Top Definition
Do things differently to the point of causing an uproar in society
"Once again, ladies. We have rocked the boat."
by harassmik June 18, 2005
"rocking the boat" means stirring up trouble. To rock the boat means to disrupt things, promote disharmony, make waves, pick a fight, causing trouble, disagreement...

On a boat, if you rock it or cause waves it can go over and I think that is where the saying comes from.
I'm not a trouble-maker. He told me about rocking the boat when I apologized to him. But he was the one who yelled at me for something that wasn't his business.

One man told me, "You can rock the boat all you want." when we got into an argument.

It's not the right time to "rock the boat". We still have to wait proper time.

Don't rock the boat yet. I will make it up to you.
by igaveyoumyword February 25, 2011
v. to get something going (to get the party started)
"Yeah can we rock the boat or something? This is taking forever!"
by dougie3 June 08, 2007
Inserting your finger into your partner's anus and gently adding additional rhythm while you're going down on them.
She really gets off when I rock the boat just a bit.
by Dr. Johnson February 25, 2005
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