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To tell someone or many people about something or send out the word about important events or happenings in hopes that others will do the same.
Home girl #1: Hey did you hear about what's going on with?...did you know what's going on at?

Home girl #2: No I didn't but thanks for tellin' me.

Home girl #1: Rock the bells!
by lilpie March 04, 2008
A festival/Concert Consisting of the Sickest illems Hip hop Mc's such as Immortal Technique, Del Tha Funkee Homosapian, Mos Def,and Murs 3:16. If you aint been to one you havent lived.
Friend 1: Hey Man Did you go to Rock the bells yesterday?
Friend 2: WHAT! I MISSED IT! AHHHHH (jumps of cliff)
by Eded July 01, 2006