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A festival/Concert Consisting of the Sickest illems Hip hop Mc's such as Immortal Technique, Del Tha Funkee Homosapian, Mos Def,and Murs 3:16. If you aint been to one you havent lived.
Friend 1: Hey Man Did you go to Rock the bells yesterday?
Friend 2: WHAT! I MISSED IT! AHHHHH (jumps of cliff)
by Eded July 01, 2006
To tell someone or many people about something or send out the word about important events or happenings in hopes that others will do the same.
Home girl #1: Hey did you hear about what's going on with?...did you know what's going on at?

Home girl #2: No I didn't but thanks for tellin' me.

Home girl #1: Rock the bells!
by lilpie March 04, 2008
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