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the act of drinking a beer while taking a shower in the morning. because real rock stars don't give a fuck, they get drunk all day.
"dude, why does Ric have a shit ton of beer cans in his shower.."
"he takes rock star showers everyday man."
by iamriceboy November 19, 2011
The act of having sex with a girl and not showering and then washing one girl's flavour Off by having sex with another as done by rockstars.
Guess what I did last night boys had a rockstar shower hope at least one of them was clean haha
by themachine January 24, 2014
Washing your dick in the bathroom sink after sex.
A rock star shower is a quick and efficient way to get to sleep quickly and not have a stinky dick.
by HelloHBOT August 13, 2014
The first shower after a long camping trip or dirty period, usually lasting more then 15 minutes a Rockstar shower can also describe the greatest shower you have ever taken. You can't be a Rockstar forever, but you can have your 15 minutes of fame.
Paul just got home from burning man, and is now taking a Rockstar shower.

Dude, that was definitely a Rockstar shower.
by N0Nlethal September 15, 2009
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