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the male genitalia in its aroused state, a sexually excited male.
That redheaded girl is so fine, she had me on rock rock with a quickness.
by Nolezfan December 20, 2006

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originates from the song Fergalicious sang by, shock, Fergie. It means to make a person of the male specimen excited...down there

aka to make them hard. rock? hard? get it? HAAaaa!
Fergie: I blow kisses, that puts them boys on rock, rock

Random Ho #1: I totally put him on rock-rock while we were grinding to that song
Random Ho #2: You slut! Can we get drunk and pass out again now?
by _God December 09, 2006
an emotional, heart-warming, mixed race female friend. Quick to trust. brown hair, nice tan, TALL AS. nice legs, amazingly nice to all creatures of the earth, always delivering, never receiving ;)
yeah bro, that's what i like to call, a full rockrock
by RUBBERDINGHYRAPIDSbro November 21, 2010