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to battle someone via music.
Two bands or musicians duking it out too see who is the best musician out of the two.

Looks like it's going to be a rock off between the Asskissers and the Alkatoids to see whos the better band.

I challenge you to a rock off
by hotstuff321 December 16, 2006
When two (or more) people use the game Paper Scissors Rock to decide the ownership of a certain item. Mostly used in Australia. Spoken as "I'll rock you off for..."
Person 1 - "I'll rock you off for that burger." (or, "Let's have a rock off for your burger!")
Person 2 - "Ok, let's go!"
Person 1 and 2 - "1...2...3!"
Person 2 - "Damn, I chose scissors when you chose rock!"
Person 1 - "Haha, rock always wins. Thanks for the burger!"
by Bad_Wolf June 03, 2006
To get a hand job; to jizz
"Hey, you won't believe this... But Suzie rocked me off last night!" or,
"She totally let me rock off on her face!"
by Alyson Kate September 10, 2005
short term for scissors, paper, rock
when a decision needs to be made (such as who gets the last chip) you rock off
by pete05 August 24, 2005
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