Can be used to mean that the person who said loves you and gets excited whenever s/he sees you.
"Baby, you rock my socks off."
by TheTruth777 September 03, 2011
Top Definition
Verb, "to be excellent." Used to express great approval or joy.

Commonly applied to people, events, and objects, but rarely locations.

It is frequently preceded by the adverb totally, and may be used with or without the terminal preposition.

Similar to rock my face off, but with a dorkier twist.

Online usage note: phrase must be accompanied by some form of caps lock.
Megan! AWESOME! You totally rock my socks!

Caesar: Napoleon Dynamite sucked... like a leech.
Cleopatra: Are you kidding me? That movie totally rocked my SOCKS off!

Having free laundry at my dorm rocks my socks off.
However, the laundry room itself is a location; ergo, it does not rock my socks. :(
by Lady Chevalier May 23, 2005
used in the case if something or someone is so awesome, that it rocks your socks off. Used like, "Hey! You're so cool! You rock my socks off!" It's a very nice thing to say to one of your friends that's about to do something cool
"Andrea! You rock my socks off!!! GO FOREST LAKE!!"
by Pretty Emily October 16, 2004
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