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Rock and roll is the simple name given to the musical/cultural/attitude movement that shaked the minds and the pants of thousand of youngsters all around the world. It all started during the early 50's and it all began with the influence of blues, country and r'n'b music. You can say that Chuck Berry invented it, but it is known that Elvis personified like no one else.
Let's rock and roll baby!!
by leinergroove December 07, 2004
probably the coolest type of music in the world
i wanna rock and roll all night and party every day
by davidd62690 August 04, 2005
A phrase for expressing a desire or intention to perform a task or engage an enemy
Time to rock and roll.
by Kevin Gaines April 03, 2004
was actually invented by wynonie harris in '48 i think. mixing gospel, blues, and r&b. rock and roll was actually a subgenre of rythm and blues (it was also known as hoy hoy).
lil richard is an example of hoy hoy rock n roll
by JVT niggas December 30, 2004
A forward, energetic, and electric form of rhythm & rhyme. To rock is to rouse, to roll is to ravish, and to ride the thunder is to raise up the soul.
Man: Let's rock & roll, baby

Woman: Take me!
by HazyKushen April 09, 2010
to make a drug deal in which cocaine is sold, then to leave the scene of the deal
"We can rock & roll, I gotta roll 'o rocks" -Lil' Flip
by $imonT February 18, 2004
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