a small town in washington with tons of hickish people that all come together. full of crazy soccer moms and stoner middle schoolers.
You: Isn't Rochester where that lady kicked the coach of her kindergartners soccer team in the balls?

Me: Probably.
by jerryisallama December 25, 2014
A extremely dead city in western New York State which has fallen stoneages behind neighboring cities such as Syracuse and Buffalo. ROC is merely a skeleton of its former self. As a Rochester native, I should know.

With all of the crime and lack of anything to do meaningful there, Rochester wonders why nobody wants to live there.
by Piranha October 13, 2006
A city in Upstate, NY that has alot of potential but is rampant with murders, robberies & hoodlums also teen pregnancy. A place where seeing a 14 yr old 8th grader with a baby bump is normal. Where all the gangs think they're tough because they can jump and have guns. Downtown is coming along though the hoodlums probably wont go without a fight. Superb suburban areas Gates, Penfield, Fairport, Etc. The city is also known for the terrible winters but awesome summer, and spring seasons.
A;I'm from the "ROC"
B;Werd where at in the roc?
A;Hudson Ave.
B;Oh that's wassup.

2nd convo

C;Hey did you hear Lercy's prego?
D;Nah I didn't...Dayumm ain't she still in middle school?
C;Yeah but you know how it is in Rochester, They Eff em young.
by funnyguy90 February 26, 2011
a city in minnesota;
The worst place to be a teenager on earth.
there is absolutely nothing to do here, which is probably why many people are so pregnant, high, or just bored all the time.
I doubt that there is any other place in the world you could be and get 25 text messages a day detailing how every single one of your friends is bored to tears.
the lack of activities prompts us rochester teenagers to try new things, like say; heroin, sex at the library, sex in an elevator at west 10, meth, having sex for 12 hours straight, or sitting in your room looking at porn on the internet while you cry.

some popular places to find teenagers in rochester are: broadway: this is where the people who think that they are cool enjoy walking around with their pants around their ankles and their pregnant 15 year old girlfriend glued to their hip,

the "peace plaza": home to some cool shops, the galleria, semva art gallery, barnes and noble bookstore in an old movie theatre, a cool fountain with a bunch of birds (fun to play in) features live music in the summer on fridays and thursdays, you go here if you're artsy or not, it's a good place to meet with friends, just not in the winter.<in case you can't tell, this is my favorite spot.
Quarry hill: rochester teenagers have been coming up the back way to the quarry with kegs and sleeping bags since...forever! it's also nice for hiking, just be careful for empty cans and broken bottles.
in the summer: Rochesterfest, or the Olmsted County Fair: good places to hang out, be publicly shit faced, and throw up on the ferris wheel. fun, fun, for everyone!

rochester minnesota; also home of the mayo clinic. sometimes famous people come here. nobody cares, really. Often causes rochester to be referred to as med city, hospital city, clinicville. all us teenagers know is: there's lots of public parking, and wheelchairs everywhere.
per.1 "I'm so boooooooooooooored, Rochester sucks.."
per.2 "I know, me tooooooooooooo"
per.1 "wanna fuck?"
per.2 "okay.."
by edfones- March 14, 2009
Rochester, Michigan. It's the where drugs, sex and general superficiality are a vital part of reality. Where you can charge a slice of pizza on plastic. Where you shop with celebrities at Somerset on weekends, walk Old Woodward and the streets of RHills. Where you've got sixth graders with cells, and private school rivals and the public schools that hate them all. Where the colors Brown and Gold known as stylish and kilts are a common accessory to the Championship football games due to the Highlander Pride. We live amongst Eminem and the infamous Detroit Pistons on the Billion Dollar Mile. Where there are more country clubs than fast food joints, and porche driving soccer moms pop their collars and no one cares about the West Coast (even though a winter home there is nice).

That's how we do it in Oakland County. The Real O.C.

Q: What is the coolest town in Oakland County, MI?
A: Rochester
by ROCgal December 28, 2005
A decaying city in Western New York. There are a few main groups of people that inhabit this area: Gangsters, college students, and orange skanks/douchebags, usually from Greece, who work hourly wage jobs but will blow their whole paycheck on bottle service at Scene Ultra Lounge to create the illusion of being a baller. While U of R and RIT students and graduates bring the city average IQ up to a 63, the general population struggles to pass high school reading class. This is proven by the fact that 75% of people who grew up in Rochester are proud to get accepted at MCC, though most just fail out by age 20. These dregs then go full time employment at the tanning salon, gym, or restaurant for their entire lives. If you can overlook the roid rage, sparkly man jewelry, fake louis vuitton bags, and girls who wear tar for eyeliner, you'll actually find some pretty parks, great restaurants and maybe some cool art galleries... that is, if everything's not covered in the lake effect snow dump. Oh. Rochester.
"Let's go down to East and Alexander and find some hot Rochester girls who can't spell their last names. They have low paying jobs, and low self-esteem to match!"

"We have to drive to Rochester, NY for your 17-year-old cousin's baby shower. We better stop and get some Ed Hardy onesies, likes she asked for."

"Rochester is perfectly safe, as long as you live 15 minutes outside the city limits."
by hashtagyoureugly February 13, 2012
asses u all dont know how rochester really is. it relly is a good place to live
asses rochester is the best place in the world
by scottttt September 12, 2006
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