a great city in western ny that has the 2nd best economy in ny state only behind NYC. its the 3rd largest city in NY with a population of 1.1 million. rochester has somehow defeated all other struggling cities in upstate ny by not losing a significant amount of its population over the past 10 years. home of the best food and culture in the USA. known for having winning minor league teams (that actually win it all!) and outstanding pride.
the roc aka rochester is the best in upstate ny baby! buffalo and syracuse SUCK!
by ryun12345 September 04, 2008
Rochester has its pros and cons just like every other city. It is also widely hated among some stereotyping people on urban dictionary.

Rochester has a very unique vibe going on. On one hand you have the classy east side, with it's old stone mansions including the George Eastman House.

The west side is viewed straight up gangsta which can be viewed as good or bad thing. But I can tell you that people that don't live on the west side, have no idea about how friendly some people are there. Like on Avenue D, with all the Latino mothers throwing BBQ partys that the whole neighborhood is invited too. How they DON'T make you feel like an alien because of your race or how you look, but rather make you feel like part of their family even if you are a complete stanger. This is the side of Rochester that you can only see if you loosen up, and stop worrying about being shot when a dude with a baggy shirt and bandana walks past you.

I'm not going to lie to you and say that there's no violence because it's the inner city - Of course there is! But I think that people are only seeing the negative. And its time that someone show them another side.

"I heard Rochester has a hooker on nearly every corner!!"

"Where the fuck did you here that?"

"Well i have a friend in Greece and she said...."
by Dakotah S. March 20, 2008
A sexual maneuver where a girl is titty-fucked until the skin is raw.

Pronounced in Boston accent: Raw-chest-er
Joe: "Man, why is Jamie so pissed at you today?"
Thrasher: "Well, I gave her the rochester last night."
Joe: "Oooh. Understandable."
by Thrasher June 11, 2006
A city in western New York that has nothing going for it at all.....a large city that is literally hemorraging it's citizens to other cities or the outer suburbs at the minimum.......even most of the airlines are abandoning their mainline flights to Rochester and replacing them with their little "jungle jet" feederliners!
John: Damn, this downtown area and the city in general is as deader as a doorknob!

Dave: Yeah, look around......nothing to do at all since The Mill shut down 27 years ago and all these beggars begging for money!!!
by Tully March 07, 2005
A cold boring city for people who want to grow old in their young age. A city where the extent of a night out is going to a lame ass bar and getting a hot plate. Guys are all jacked up on steriods becuase they have to make up for their half brains and personalities. Girls are all dirty arrogant NYC wannabees or washed up HS hotties turned fat. Got the rich in east and the italians on the west. Its still the place you always remember but never go back to.
Hey Philly, see that girl

Yea, what about her she is disgustingly fat.

Well, that is Tara. Remember her?

Yea, wasn't she one of the hottest whores in Gates?

Yep, its a Rochester tradition! Girls get fat and keep the attitude.
by ptpcc October 26, 2005
The city with the highest rate of gonorrhea in the United States. Wonderful.
Things to pack when going on a trip to Rochester: a snow shovel and anti-STD spray.
by Pittsford Mendon June 26, 2006
A rotting hole in New York State on the shore of Lake Ontario. So desperate for help that they're betting all their hope on a 'fast ferry' that runs to Toronto. Only thing a fast ferry is going to do is destroy their economy faster, hah!
My god, you think Buffalo is bad? Wait till you see Rochester!
by Snickerdo August 31, 2004
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