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someone who tends to automaticcly bitch at people all the time, sort of like a robot programmed to bitch.
Dude 1> You going to your girlfriend's house tonight?
Dude 2> No. lately shes being a robo bitch.
Dude 1> That sucks.
by YourACumGuzzler July 25, 2010
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Some chick who can catch a flaming wiffle ball with her bare hands.
Holy Shit!! Becca caught that wiffle ball.
She's a robo-bitch.
by flaming duche4356 January 04, 2009
A bitch that happens to be a robot. A term used in Grandma's boy by Allen Covert.
Derek's acting like a grade-A robo bitch, we should smoke marijuana without him.
by chavy June 28, 2008

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