An alien who comes to earth, rapes and pilages a small boy and gets inside his skin, The only visible traits of the alien are its alien fingers with round zorbs on the end and their famous pingpong ball toes. The roblaw persay will weesle its way into a click and begged to get ridiculed. The roblaw loves performing sexual pleasures such as blow j's and specializes in rim jobs. After 17 years of living on earth the roblaw is beaten to death with a big black dildo and recycled into the earth to form new roblaws.
Colin:Dude why do I have the sudden hankering to beat that kid in our social group with a big black dildo?
Jeff: Silly colin, thats a roblaw and he's 17. It's the nature of the beast to beat it with a big black dildo in order for its plasma skin to regenerate new roblaws.
Colin: And dude.
Jeff: yea?
Colin: Why are you wearing lipstick?
(jeff quietly exits the room with out an explanation and conviently switches schools)
by cuntwax April 26, 2008
Top Definition
A South African slang term for someone who enjoys rough anal sex.
I met a tall man in Plett - he was such a roblaw I couldn't walk straight the next day!
by yessica1987 March 02, 2011
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