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1) The largest public school in northern virginia so large that actual SUB-schools are required for each grade; consists of 4000+ students who are either emo, preppy, asian, "ghetto," nerdy, druggie, "hard-core," or a combination of 2+ of these characteristics.
2) A place where the most notorious teachers reside in the: hallways, blowing their whistles; classrooms, forgetting your assignments and hating you if you are smarter than them; libraries, with their shrill cracking voices and stubborn stupidity; main office, holding a stupid wooden cane with the mascot on top.
3) The place where graduating classes leave the queerest departure gifts, e.g. the tall clock with the awkwardly large face; the "gold" ram that was tagged red/purple by another school.
4) see Prison.
This school is whack, it might as well be Robinson Secondary School.
by captive at robinson April 12, 2007

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