The act of pulling out and busting the but on the girls face..... but the nut must split the nostrals and go into both nasal cavaties to be considered a Robin Hood.
My girl was pissin me off last nite so i pulled out and Robin Hood'd her
by Gunzoid June 05, 2007
to pull out of a girl while missionary...and bust a nut shot right up her nasal and straight to her brain!

"Her head was tilted back just right and I gave her a nice robin hood...stupid ass biiiitch!!! she was like ooohhh ahhhh hahahahah it went straight to my brain"

from the target practice scene in robin hood movie
by eek zeke January 07, 2008
Middle school pastime of pulling out the back of a girl's bra and yelling "Robin Hood!"
He did a Robin Hood at the wrong time and ended up in the Principal's office.
by octopod November 24, 2003
A myth based on several people. In actuality, only one of the charactors on whom the stories are based ever gave to the poor, after taking a share for himself. Also, maid Marrian did not exist in the same time as any of them, and Robin was in fact very merry in the company of men in tights, nudge nudge wink wink.

Today, being a Robin Hood is all about taking from the haves, to deliver to the have nots. This is actually rather communist.
The government wants to take my hard earned money to give to foreigners who haven't done a day's work in their lives. They think they're robin hood or something. Well fuck them.
by Gumba Gumba March 14, 2004
When two guys are double teaming a chicks booty and then a third splits between creating a Robin Hood effect
Me and Ryan were gonna double team this chick. You could come robin hood it if you wanted
by Gus the amazing March 27, 2015
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