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A person who speaks in such a high frequency, that only a few people can hear them.
"Sally Joe's such a robiel, Lebman never hears her talk!"
by Queen Mowgli December 13, 2007
The name Robiel is know as one of those names that is impossible to say for the first time and not look like an ass. If you ever run into a Robiel just know they absolutely hate it if you get their name wrong.
Person 1-You know that knew kid? When I introduced him to one of his new teachers he gave me this nasty ass look.
Person 2-Are you talking about Robiel? Did you say his name wrong ? He hates it when people say his name wrong.
Person 1-Shit man, I probably did. Now I look like an ass.
by Throbbing Llama February 14, 2015
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