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A girl or woman who is hot. A play on "hottie", but a roaster is slightly hotter than the average hottie. To "roast" is to be a hottie.
Whoa, check her out---she's a real roaster!" Also as a verb: "she roasts!"
by witchdoc64 April 02, 2011
7 21
Scottish slang. Can be used to describe someone who is making a complete cunt of themselves. Once hearing being called this they should shut their trap (mouth)
"Hear, did you see that roaster oan x-factor the other night?"

"Shut yer puss ya roaster"
by glaswegian_slang#1 May 09, 2009
203 75
Someone undesirable, unreliable and that always speaks rubbish.
Hes not turned up for work again today. What a total roaster.
by Mahaki March 13, 2012
14 4
Google defines roaster as:

1) a harsh or humorous critic (sometimes intended as a facetious compliment)
2) a cook who roasts food
3) flesh of a large young chicken over 3 1/2 lb suitable for roasting
4) a special cooking pan for roasting
1) "the honoree gave his roasters as good as he got"
by Jimmybone D March 16, 2009
34 24
this one is hard to define. 90's scottish school word. If someone is a bit sad or just plain roasting! Very laughable. Nothing to do with heat I might add.
He or she is roastin'!
What a roaster!
Also see scadder or boiler.
by Kelly Coyle December 03, 2003
43 33
Word used to describe an employee at work when there annoying you.
1. See that girl Judith shes a total roaster

2. Wow stop being a bunch of Roasters (to a group of employees)
by CMax Guy November 07, 2013
2 2
Roadster, a two-seater sports car.
What a nigga look like, when a nigga in a roaster. - Jay-Z, Izzo( H.O.V.A )
by Butter September 08, 2004
38 40
Anything that's hot might be referred to as a roaster. A proper curb cut may be referred to as a "roaster".
"hey man I hit that roaster coming down the hill, it was dialed."

"Dude, you got a roaster."
by nigglet4 July 10, 2006
7 19