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What marshmallows eat around the campfire, occasionally with graham crackers and hershey's chocolate.

Also, what cannibals eat for their sustenance, though not always roasted. (Hannibal Lecter liked them fresh)

Similarly, what is pretty much depicted in the Rammstein song, "Mein Teil." Wherein, a man places an ad in the newspaper for a dinner companion, and he finds one. Of course, being the civilized gentleman that he was, the person that placed the ad shared the other man's genitals with him.
"Mmm, Marshmallow Bob, this roasted human sure does taste good, especially when they catch on fire for a little bit!"

"Mmm, Cannibal Bob, this roasted human sure does taste good, even if I like them a little bit fresher, and when they don't have all this nasty hair!"

"Mmm, du schmechts gut!" (or something to that effect)

All: "We love to eat roasted people!"
#marshmallows #people #s'mores #rammstein #cannibals
by Hans le Noir December 08, 2005
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