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A semi-slang term used to describe one extreme of of possible possible of a woman's labia minora. It is characterized by a wavy shape of the labia with many wrinkles and fine crevices.

The opposite extreme is referred to as "rose petal."

It is important to note that while current fashion tends to favor labia near the rose petal end of the spectrum, there is nothing "gross" or "weird" about roast beef. Every vulva is a unique and special part of every women.

Other terms that describe the form of a women's labia include "innie" and "outie," both referring to whether or not the labia minora protrude from the labia majora.
Be it roast beef or rose petal, it's the texture inside that counts.
by DisposableONE November 10, 2007
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A nasty, brown, huge-lipped pussy that looks like the lunch meat.
Mr. Dambaugh keeps a loaf of bread and jar of mayo next to his bed so he can eat Sally's roast beef twat every night.
by sean March 11, 2003
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Hawt tasty vagoo that i'd love to suckle and play with all night long.

Contrary to popular belief, roast beef is a prized treasure a girl is born with, much like big tits, rather than a grotesuqe result of overusage.

When she pulled off her panties and the roast beef popped out in front of my face, i jizzed myself immediately.
by hunglikehuang February 28, 2009
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a term to describe a woman's external vagina, the similarity being in the coloring.
"I got to eat roast beef last night"
by Anonymous April 20, 2003
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A girl with an excessive amount of Labia minora (pussy lips). Generally, you would get a face full of roast beef when you would be lickin the clit.
Hey dude, did you see the roast beef on that striper.
by dennyma October 07, 2009
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The Swedish term for beef that is roasted.
Person 1: I want roast beef for dinner.
Person 2: Roast beef?
Person 1: Yes, the Swedish term for beef that is roasted.
by eridani0x June 27, 2007
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a woman that has pussy lips that are dark, are too long, and hang down.
I was wif this new bitch, and I went down to mop her dungeon, but she had some nasty roastbeef cookin.
by spltbird November 25, 2002
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