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tough, unkept, usaully unbearably reeking of axe body spray, highly disregards police officers, other roadog niggas, and the occasional rude wendys drive-thru employee. Drinks unbelievable amounts of alchol(fourlokos etc.) smokes codine laced blunts, and if granted the act of sex done selfishly like counting food stamps while shitting in the backseat of another rivals' Cadillac.
Police Officer: Hey excuse me sir, do you mind putting out that marijuana laced cigarillo.

Roadog nigga: Do you mind fuckin off' ugly, me goin doo mee thang, through skeet or snow
(Roadog nigga proceeds to expose weapon)

Police Officer: Of course, good day sir.
by Jizz Worthlingless January 13, 2012
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