a car trip where passangers smoke marijuana
we went on a roadie after school
by jeremy Moser October 23, 2003
a person or people you often travel or hang with
Whenever I go to the city, my roadie, Cheron is always wit me.
by ave November 29, 2003
Your lucky hand in Poker
Mark: "You always win with Jack Six"
Joe: " Jack six is my roadie"
by coleymoley December 31, 2010
An alcoholic beverage that is made very strong. Half alcohol/half mixer. Used primarily for a short car ride and is shared by all.
Beth and her friends enjoyed a Roadie on the way to the kickball game. It was REDONKULOUS!!
by Peek191255 September 15, 2009
A road cyclist.
Many Tour de France competitors are exclusively roadies.
by Kevintmuff October 26, 2008
A short to long road trip, depending on the mood, amount of marijuana involved, and "heads".
"I just bought a sack; let's go on a roadie".
by Will Bill Gibbs October 10, 2007
Having a beer whilst being in a car
Hang on guys, ill grab a couple of roadies
by MugachinO February 24, 2005
Getting a blowjob while driving
I got roadie on the way home from a party last night
by Justin June 01, 2004
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