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A MTV show shown on monday nights where six 18-24 year olds ride around in a winny, follow clues, perform missions, and reach a handsome reward.
Away Message= road ruling it (meaning watching road rules)
by Amy July 17, 2003
Best show ever made. Shut the hell up you losers.
I watch Road Rules every day after school.
by Megan July 16, 2003
STupid reality tv show.
MTV shows road rules 2 kill time.
by Chaos Dragon July 15, 2003
The events and perserverances taking while traveling on the road for a long time.
On our travel to Canada, we used road rules
by Slof July 13, 2003
MTV's Real World on wheels. Basically as boring as any other road-trip-based reality TV show that doesn't involve high-speed police chases.
MTV also devotes at least 8 hours a day to Road Rules reruns/marathons.
by AYB July 12, 2003
A poor ripoff of the awful show, The Real World.
Road Rules suks, and so does MTV in general.
by Bill July 29, 2003
What you say if you think a road is neat.
This road rules!
by PigsCantFly July 25, 2003