A tv show on MTV, that casts 7 people to live together on an RV and travel around the world and compete to win money and other prizes.
by indi July 29, 2003
Best show ever made. Shut the hell up you losers.
I watch Road Rules every day after school.
by Megan July 16, 2003
STupid reality tv show.
MTV shows road rules 2 kill time.
by Chaos Dragon July 15, 2003
The events and perserverances taking while traveling on the road for a long time.
On our travel to Canada, we used road rules
by Slof July 13, 2003
MTV's Real World on wheels. Basically as boring as any other road-trip-based reality TV show that doesn't involve high-speed police chases.
MTV also devotes at least 8 hours a day to Road Rules reruns/marathons.
by AYB July 12, 2003
A poor ripoff of the awful show, The Real World.
Road Rules suks, and so does MTV in general.
by Bill July 29, 2003
What you say if you think a road is neat.
This road rules!
by PigsCantFly July 25, 2003
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