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the best way to get head... it is when you get head while driving, very enjoyable and pleasurable, it is also illegal so watch out for the fuzz
OMG, i was driving scott's sister elaine home and she thanked me by giving me road dome, the best ever!!
by Chinkmister69 June 08, 2011
giving a blowjob while in the car.
Preferably when the car is moving.
"Natalia totally gave Ryan Rainbows road dome on the way to Rachel's house."
by rachel w June 21, 2007
the act of recieving fellatio (i.e. dome) from a fine ass dime while operating a motor vehicle
man i almost swerved off of 85 this girl was givin such dank road dome
by andrew l November 28, 2005
road dome is recieving oral sex while driving on a trip somewhere
we always brought kelly along on vacation since she gave such thorough road-dome.
by stratego1321 April 30, 2005
Oral sex while driving
I got road domes
by blahblahhohoho June 26, 2009
The act of giving or receiving oral sex while in or driving a vehicle.
My boyfriend was giving me such amazing road dome that my pleasure spasms caused me to swerve off of the road.
by Goose1109 February 07, 2011