One who sucks the most cock on a road trip.. and taking a few stabs to the brown eye while doing so.
Damn how is Sally always the road whore?
by ChangWang April 30, 2003
Top Definition
Roadwhore, also known as roadslut, is a girl that waits on the side of the road for boys to pick her up. She has sex with them and sucks their cock. She is a skanky bitch.
Wow, Dana is such a Roadwhore! Look Steph, that girl is a Roadwhore. Omg Mary, why are you dressed like a Roadwhore??

How many roadwhores does it take to make a good roadtrip??? YOU DECIDE
by Ally and Karen October 04, 2005
A roadwhore is a term of endearment used between engineering and technical contract job shoppers.
These contract personnel travel from job to job, and typically only take the highest paying jobs; however,
these same personnel have no problem with uprooting and
driving across the country to work frequent, short duration assignments.
"Gary's an old roadwhore; if that new plant contract hits the streets, he'll be on it like a rat on a Cheeto."
by Steve Ryan October 13, 2006
the last girl at the bar you would ever stick your dick in because you know she told you that she doesn't own a car because of a previous DUI, and she had to suck fat dick and gurgle jism just to get a ride to the bar to try to fuck you.
Holy fuck dude. I got an STD from merely looking at that fucking road whore. THAT FUCKING BITCH ROAD WHORE!!!
by TWON February 20, 2004
A temporary worker from out of town.

Typically one who seeks out these kind of assignments exclusively.

In engineering and constuction road whores seek out and find massive bonuses, high pay rates, hazardous duty pay, per diem, housing allowances and any form of premium renumeration or juice
Suit: "How soon can you make good on that bullshit proposal you submitted?"
Engineering Manager:"Tommorrow if you have the kind of juice to pay a bunch of Road Whores to come in and finish the design"
Suit: "Great maybe you can complete the work before they all drag up this time"
Engineering Manager:" If you want that we'll have to gross up per diem"
Suit: " Yeah right!"
by Major Kong February 25, 2007
Traffic cops that do it for the money.
Traffic stops by road whores in un-marked cars are making up for budget reductions caused by the economic downturn.
by cds_xxx_1951 November 15, 2009
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