When the police use an excessive amount of lighting, usually when reporting to a car accident. Lighting includes, but is not limited to, police light bars, flares, flashlights and search lights.
I witnessed a terrible case of road rave while passing a grueling car accident last night. The only things missing were glow sticks and ecstasy.
by Lamb Lamb April 22, 2009
Top Definition
When two drivers appreciate each other's navigation skills so much, they end up spastically dancing together in the street to shitty music. Antonym to "road rage."
Traffic was backed up for miles when two Priushole's gave each other the good for you thumbs up and then proceeded to road rave.
by SHLA July 02, 2012
you & your ppl are in the car blasting & moving to the music when u pull up next to a car full of chillers, both crews look @ each other, roll down their windows & start breaking it down
Yo we were on Flatbush ave when some dudes in a camry pulled up next to us & we were road-raving with them until the light changed - Road-Rave
by JERZZeee December 19, 2010
(n) the act of using a FM transmitter and MP3 player to bump massive, sweaty beats into the cars neighboring yours in a traffic jam with the hope of instigating a group dance event. Glow sticks are mandatory.
I was sitting in traffic on 95 yesterday when, all of the sudden, everyone around me got out of their cars and we had a good, old-fashioned road rave.
by The Heartman February 25, 2011
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