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a dead animal in the road. result of getting hit by a car or truck, flattened out red and resembling pizza.
dont play in traffic or you could become road pizza
by dave4817 December 04, 2003
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Vomit on the sidewalk, road, or floor. So named because the various remaining solids are scattered like toppings on a pizza over the mess.
Nathan Road on a saturday night is always covered with road pizzas as the businessmen leave the karaoke joints all pissed up.
by Gweilou March 26, 2009
when something or someone is really mangled by a car or other thing like that...

commonly also described as FUBAR
dude he was hit by the bus and now he's fucked...
by Mac ir610 August 04, 2004
a dead animal in the road
Looks like those crows were after the road pizza.
by Light Joker December 20, 2004

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