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road hard is a term that describes the way a particular thing looks, usually a girl, when it or she looks rather gnarley, respectively.
my teacher is fuckin road hard, that bitch is fug!
by ayngland June 28, 2005

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Originally part of the term "road hard and put up wet" in reference to horses. As in the horse was put through a hard workout and then wasn't brushed down and cared for afterwards, which can make a horse sick enough to die. Now used to refer to someone who looks unkempt, strung out, tired, dirty, etc.
Man, she looks like she was road hard and put up wet!
by Altairisfar October 12, 2007
this is when you are riding on a bumpy road and guys get a boner.
most get road hard, boner on a bus
by max10 March 18, 2007