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n. a beer taken with one when traveling from one place to another (esp. when destination is a place where alcohol is not otherwise available)

v. to carry, transport, or possess such a beverage.
Pat and I took some roaddawgs with us to Taco Bell.
by Jungle of Love April 24, 2007
54 10

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Defined as ones partner in crime, person one trusts on the road.
first dude: yeah whats up road dawg?
second dude: nada man, lets git moving gotta lotta product to move today.
by his dudeliness December 25, 2007
41 17
A gay biker gang in Florida. Mostly composed of white males who have yet to come out of the closet.
RD1-Hey bro, im a road dawg fo sho
RD2-Yeah bro, we're so gay fo sho
by mesh619 July 10, 2008
12 33