Very bad luck. Been known to cause catastrophic events. Avoid one at all costs. Everything one touches turns to mush. When gambling is involved it's very important to put a Ritz in the bathroom. Their powers are significantly diminished.
I was winning a bet last night and then got Ritzed in the 9th inning. How can a team score 7 runs with 2 outs in the 9th?
by MikeTheMush April 06, 2005
Name for a kid named David Curly who thinks he is black. Hence the name Ritz like the cracker. He has no white people clothes and thinks he can "bust cap" on all us white people. See also wigger or wankster.
"Yo man look at my new all black NY Yankees hat!"
"You stupid Ritz!!!"
by A Kid April 01, 2005
Oooooh look at me my username is NotoriousSlacker and I'm too stupid and uneducated to spell right.
- hey y'all look @ me im stupid
- ya we know your stupid

-oh oh im defining some word and im doing one hell of a poor job doing that
-ya we know thats why we call u stupid
by mynamealright January 09, 2005
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