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the word consists of two separate slovenian words; rito(ass, butt, booty, anus, backside, B-side, the trunk, backroom, final curve, eyemagnet,...) and pik(to pike, to stab,...), together they are used to identifiy a person who enjoys anal sex (esspecialy in the giving position), a.k.a.;a gay and/or a bisexual

used mostly in insulting purpose by those shocked at this behaviour
A:Hey, why are you crawling on the floor?
B:Aw, man, it was terrible, he got me man, he got me
A:Who got you? What are you talk...HOLY SHIT!!!You're bleeding from your anus!!!
B:I know, I was violated
A:Man, whoever did this must've been one bad ritopik
B:You can say that again
A:Man, whoever did this must've been one bad ritopik
B:Oh? You acctualy did say it again?
A:Yeah, sorry I couldn't recognise that as a frase because I was too shocked with what that ritopik did to you
by pooparty May 29, 2007
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