A person that stands in front of the menu at the local Rita's water ice stand and screams the menu into their cellphone so that their lazy assed significant other can get a gellati. Ri-tards are often also Bluetools
I wish this ri-tard would shut up so I can order my water ice.
by Orchard August 01, 2006
Top Definition
A water creature that has one horn, a low shield weakness in the back, and comes out of a red pokeball before evolving into its adult form. The color of the Ri-Tard is ever changing, similar to that of a chameleon, blending in with the colors of its surroundings. They are typically peaceful creatures unless provoked. The Ri-Tards greatest defense mechanism is the Ri-Tard call, REEEEEEE CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK, which is a call to arms to all other Ri-Tards to come to the one in need. The Ri-Tard's motto is "We are one" since together they create a whole which is greater than the sum of their parts. Another useful defense mechanism is the ability to intentionally pass out when in danger. These defense mechanisms are critical since the species is endangered- only 11 Ri-tards exist in the known universe.
Shhhh! You don't want to awaken the Ri-Tard.
by goats1967 August 02, 2010
Try telling that to Rain Man! He practically bankrupt a casino and he was a ritard!
by jake.herring January 08, 2010
Slightly above retard
Daniel: Man that chick had a nice body!

Colby: Dude that was a guy you ritard.
by Chase Gardner March 11, 2010
A way of saying that someone is a retard while in a music lesson.
X: (stupid comment)
Y: (name), I don't know how to put this, but in music terms you are a Ritard....
by Henk43MPO November 29, 2010
A Rhode Islander of less than average intelligence. Often seen congretating in front of The Complex or Diesel on Saturday night, sitting on their Kawasaki Ninja in front of Spike's on Thayer St. or driving down Atwells Ave. in a Cadillac Escalade or similarly RItarded vehicle. RItardation often attributed to childhood lead poisoning.
Damn, NewsChopper 12 just reported on some RItard that ran five red lights in a row and then drove their Navigator into a Newport Creamery.
by Wicked RItarded September 10, 2006
How a Retard Says Retard
"I'm Christopher Rrrrreeeegheeeves"
by E-Trock April 28, 2005
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