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(v) the act of blowing all future chances of receiving job you want because you accidently rip your pants on the way to a job interview;
(n)a persons name after said act of tearing pants wide open, to the point where boxers are visable.
(Question) Hey, isn't that Rip Torn? I heard he pissed his pants at a job interview because he was so nervous.
(Answer) No he didn't piss his pants. He ripped them wide open and people were looking right at his italian sausage.
by Paully_NY October 11, 2007

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the way you act prior to crashing and after you have been up smoking meth for several days.
ginelle: look at willi digging in the carpet. theresa: he is riptorn! he looks like shit!
by ozs2lbs2 June 18, 2010
To get excessively drunk.
I went to the club last night and we got rip torn.
by sonic death monkey November 06, 2003