Yo that nugga is ripped.
by mcbain September 16, 2003
to be physically buff.
That guy is ripped.
by cack fairy September 16, 2003
A state of higly defined musculature
man, doing all yhis weights, I'm getting ripped!
by Muscle Mary September 16, 2003
Buff, muscle bound.
That gangsta is ripped, he will kill you in a hit.
by MIke J September 15, 2003
to be extremely muscular
That guy must work out; he is ripped
by Alex September 15, 2003
For males, having well-defined muscles, esp. chest and abdominal muscles.
He lifts weights every day, it's no wonder he's so ripped.
by mmb10r September 15, 2003
Having well-defined muscles.
"We trying to get you ripped!" said the PE coach.
by Marty September 15, 2003

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