Stolen; taken without permission.
He ripped the song beat from his freind for his own advantage.
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
Extremely muscular; someone who works-out a lot.
Damn that dude is ripped, did you see his chest?!
by whistle_grrl September 17, 2003
completely drugged, mostly used in reference to alchohol-adjective
#1:man, i dont remember last night at all
#2:DUDE, you were sooooo ripped
by zachthesexiestmanever September 16, 2003
Yo that nugga is ripped.
by mcbain September 16, 2003
to be physically buff.
That guy is ripped.
by cack fairy September 16, 2003
high as fuck
Oh shit im so ripped
by u kno who September 16, 2003
A state of higly defined musculature
man, doing all yhis weights, I'm getting ripped!
by Muscle Mary September 16, 2003

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