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Getting completly 'stoned' or 'high' by smoking or ingesting marijuana.
"Come over tonight, and we'll get totally ripped!"
by Anthony September 21, 2003
after pumping iron and running 5 miles every day for 3 years i became ripped.
by assretard September 20, 2003
Stolen; taken without permission.
He ripped the song beat from his freind for his own advantage.
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
Extremely muscular; someone who works-out a lot.
Damn that dude is ripped, did you see his chest?!
by whistle_grrl September 17, 2003
extremely messed up due to the use of drugs, marijuana in perticular
after a taking a bong rip.."O shit man im so fuckin ripped!"
by jzd September 16, 2003
completely drugged, mostly used in reference to alchohol-adjective
#1:man, i dont remember last night at all
#2:DUDE, you were sooooo ripped
by zachthesexiestmanever September 16, 2003
Yo that nugga is ripped.
by mcbain September 16, 2003